M’Luxe is a luxury cosmetic company based in Philadelphia. M’luxe provides all of your Beauty needs offering a one stop shop with affordable pricing for products of great quality.  We are here not only to accommodate your beauty needs, but your fashion needs as well.  We are here to help Dolls of all walks of life tap into their full potential but always remembering that “Beauty is you.” 

M’Luxe LLC is dedicated to my  late Mother and Grandmother Michel and Mollie Penn. At the age of 31, I lost my mother to an awful battle with Cancer.  When I loss my mother,  I loss a part of me.  Most recently, I had to relive this pain over again with the sudden loss of my grandmother in September of 2017. My grandmother was more like a mother to me.  She was my rock, and we all know that a rock builds a solid foundation. At times I feel incomplete, but always remembering and thanking God that she was able to have a chance to see and witness the creation of M’Luxe LLC. That is what gives me the daily strength to continue on in the legacy of both my mother and grandmother.